Oh, Honey You're Not in Cali Anymore

OMG! Today I went to school IN SWEDEN for the first time in like 8 months or so. It was weird. They spoke swedish. Nah, but it was weird. I don't know. It's like people are different here, I mean yeah of course they are. I am just, I don't know. I've gotten just to the Cali style of life. Just how people are and act and represent themselves. Here people are much more reserved. In the US (well in Cali, or well in SB - 'cause that's where I lived) people are more outgoing. I like once you get to know someone here there is no difference between the two it's just, hmm, I guess people are more cautious. Lisa (the woman that I stayed with the longest) said that people in New Work (she's from NY) are not as friendly as in SB. Like, in New York people wouldn't just start talking to a stranger. If someone were to do that people would just like at them like their crazy or just ignore them and way away. So that's in the same country. I feel like some Swedes are more uptight (no one I know). No, it's more that they come off as uptight. Like chillax (LOL).

Anyway school was alright. We watch some Chinese movie In The Mood For Love. Tony Leung from Infernal Affairs started in the movie. Still this movie was way weird. Some weird theme music at certain occasions. Well, there were two different.

your writer, Erika


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