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Hi guys! I think that my bad habit from USA has followed me to Sweden. Hahaha. I think I fell asleep during class yesterday. Gosh what is happening to me?! It was a dark movie theater and a not so interesting movie. I was leaning on my bag and all of the sudden it was that boring music and closing credit (it was n Chinese so I really have no idea) and people were leaving. Ooops! Hihihi. But in the United States people couldn't really blame me. Well, I think so because I went up at 5:30 AM so that I could make it to my 8 AM class (keeping mind that it to me about 45 minutes to get to school). You know what? It takes me longer to get to school here in Sweden that it did in SB. WTF?! Like, "Hello, dude!"

Like right now I am not like "Yeah!" about school but maybe it's like Sara said that once you get to know people it will be a lot more fun. I met this one girl today who has a friend at NYU and an other friend or maybe it was her friends' friend who goes to Harvard. She said (the girl in my class) that people they are very special at Harvard. Like they walk around in suits and had their own small businesses apart from their regular schoolwork. It's not like high school. I met Linda the first day. LOL.

I am thinking about going to audition for acting scholarships at NYFA (New York Film Academy). I don't know. I don't believe that I am that could but I think it would be fun to go and I don't have any school that day so "Yay", I guess. I want to a Mean Girls monologue, the when Regina comes up to Cady after she just talked to Janis and Damian by the candy cane stand. You pave do two. Well, it says to prepare for two 60-90 second monologues. Mean Girls and what else?
Maybe I'll just safety apply to SMC 'cause everyone who is eligible gets in. Hmm, but it's all that paper work and that $75 application fee. Like what if I decide not to go that it's a $75 to nothing.
Not that I want to become an au-pair or anything, well I can't any way - As it is right now. I don't have a drivers license and I don't have 200 hours experience in childcare. Hmm. Yeah, yeah.

your writer, Erika


  1. Hey sweetie. If you really want a scholarship at NYFA, I'd go for something a bit more serious. Maybe one monologue could be from a play and one could be from a film? What are the most memorable and touching monologues you've come across? Also, don't make the same mistake again and apply to a college you're not really interested in going to. Going to University/college is an investment and you should take it seriously. If you just want to get away for a bit and see the world, I'd go for short-term work or work experience instead. Check with Arbetsförmedlingen, they have different programmes for gaining (paid) work experience abroad. Good luck with it all! Moa xx


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