Picture Frames

OMG! Bad Erika, I haven't blogged since Thursday (my name day, how many people remembered that - huh?!). Oooops, sorry!

Well, this weekend I have organized my closet. I went through old magazines and paper and such and threw away the things that I don't need anymore. I put up some picture on the wall over my bed. I moved them from one wall to the other wall (my bed is pushed into a corner), it look much better that way. It's mostly pictures of me, 'cause those are the only ones that I could find that were framed. There is one of Charlie, one of Joe Jonas and I and one of my sister and I. I posted a picture on instagram. Follow me @eriikaworld.

We watched Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho on Friday. It was good considering it is from 1960 and it is in black and white. But the stabbing scenes were bad. You don't see the knife hitting the body you just see a knife coming towards the camera and then back to the person who has been stabbed and got of with a mild wound. It looks mild because it is some blood running down their body. It is not some massive disgusting flesh wound that you see today. Well, I don't know but I would still recommend it it you haven't seen it.

your writer, Erika


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