A Beautiful Night

Hi guys! How are you! I am good good. It is such a beautiful evening tonight. It really is. I went to the dog exercise area with my mom and the dogs. My mom brought a little for the dogs to chase, mostly Merlin. He loves that kind of thing, Kickan not so much. I was throwing the ball for Merlin to chase, and then I accidentally threw the ball at Kickan, and she screamed. It was an accident! Fortunately she didn't get hurt. Thank God for that! It was truly an accident. I felt bad about it though.

The ball the was throwing was green. Aka the same color as the grass. Mhmmm. I accidentally threw the ball so that it landed outside of the dog exercise area and when my mom went to get it she couldn't find it. So went and helped her but I couldn't find it either. LOL, so no we have no green ball. But it doesn't matter because it was kind of almost falling apart as Merlin was playing with it. LOL. My mom was going to throw it away anyway. Hahahaha.

your writer, Erika


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