Praying For The Better

Hi guys. I am hopefully posting my monologue tomorrow. I say hopefully because I haven't memorized it so like I don't know it by heart but it's just a monologue. I'll fix that tomorrow. LOL. Maybe I try and dress accordingly to the part, not that I have anything that is similar to what this character wears in this movie. Or ever for that matter. Well, well. I never dress accordingly to my monologues. I just wear what I am wearing that day and to the monologue. Hmm, of you think it will be better if I try and look more like the character I am trying to portray. Hmmm. In the mean time you can watch the monologue that I posted earlier this week (please give me some feedback!)

I feel like I am getting sick again. Not fun. I mean just the same old same old, so not really sick. Just a sore throat and a cold. But still it doesn't mean that it's so much fun and that I enjoy it. It sucks. Maybe not as much as when you can'y move because you're so nauseous and you're not just nauseous it freaking hurts too. Then you just lay on the floor throwing up kind of wishing you would die. It's not that bad but still. I guess all I can really do is drinking a lot of fluids and pray for this to pass. Mhmm.

your writer, Erika


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