Plain Old Housewife

So I guess I am a boring old housewife because instead of going to watch Sommarkrysset live at Gröna Lund I stayed at home and watched it on TV and baked. LOL. Yup, that it pretty much a Saturday night in my life. Welcome to the real life of Erika Eklund! Hahahaha. That's a show you don't want to watch, because I pretty much watch TV and movies all day, and stay on my computer or phone (of course), so you wouldn't get much from me. Sorry! I mean in case you were hoping for me to signs deal with E!, MTV or idk. LOL. Reality TV is really not my thing. I want to be am actress, so I will stay out of that thing, unless it will help my career. If you would have had asked me a few years ago I probably would have said yes to reality TV, but no I don't want that.

My love for TV and movies goes way back. I feel like that is all I can ever imagine for my future. Tragic, if I won't be able to work with it in some way. It's kind of like social suicide, no let me rephrase that, like I will be slowly dying inside. Truth. It's like when a the leave fall of the trees every fall. Like that I am slowly dying inside.

your writer, Erika


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