Monday Mix

Hi guys! Another blog as promised! How are you? What has changed since last time. LOL. Did you watch the video that I posted of Ella Henderson's performance of Ghost? Isn't she just amazing! Voice of a Goddess! DAYUM! LOL, she's talented though you have to admit that even if you like the song or not.

LOL. I did my nails today. It has been a while since last. I used to do my nails all the time before, and then I started working at McDonalds where I isn't allowed to have nail polish. Boooo. Hahaha. Anyway, I just wanted to do something now because you now it's summer and all that. So I wanted something summer fresh and fun. Okay I wanted all white nails but I am not sure that there is enough nail polish in the bottle so, yeah. Hahaha. I need to buy some new. Nail polish is so expensive in this country. Most things are expensive in this country, though. Like before I moved to the United States when I was 19 I never used to paint my nails because you know, too damn expensive. Then I moved to the States where it was much cheaper. So I got the habit of doing my nails once a week, a new color every week. And that habit stuck with me when I moved back to Sweden.

Okay so my monologue. I was going to post it tonight but I wasn't feel that well this morning so I decided that I am going to post it tomorrow instead. I hope that is okay? I can tell you which movie that it's from. Plus I have already chosen the monologue that I will do this weekend. It's from the same movie because I couldn't decide which one to do tonight so I was like, well do one now and the other one next weekend. Problem solved. Okay, the monologues are from Freaky Friday. I hope that you all think that they are good. I will post one monologue tomorrow I don't know which time but just keep your eyes out on my twitter (@erikaworld) for all the information!

Do you have shots? You know Justin Bieber's selfie app. LOL. It's an app kind of like instagram where you post selfie's. LOL. Follow me @erikaworld in that case.

your writer, Erika


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