Sommarkrysset Tonight

Hi guys! I thought that I would blog now since I am going to Sommarkrysset tonight. I might blog tonight aswell since the show ends at 9:30 PM. But like I'll probably hang around a little bit after. Idk. I mean the artist usually come back outside and take pictures with the fans and I am a fan, of Ella. Hmm. I have to check and see who else is on the show tonight. Okay, I just check wikipeadia and there's no one else that I really like. I mean they're talented artist I am not going to deny that but I am just not a fan. Okay like there's two people who I have no idea who they are, Ebbot Lundberg and Vance Joy. I'll have to google them (back in a sec).

Okay, so Ebbot is some Swedish dude and Vance is this Australian guy who, which I think is amazing and kind of make me excited to see him tonight, has singed a five album deal with Atlantic Records. FIVE ALBUM DEAL! That is freaking huge! Wow, now I am kind of excited to see him. I mean of he has that kind of a deal with Atlantic he must be kind of great. I mean otherwise they wouldn't spend that much time and money on him. Wow! LOL, I pretty high expectations on him now. Vance you better live up to them! Hehehe.

I can't wait for in two weeks when Kim Cesarion performs! He is one of my favorite Swedish artists. Probably just him and Zara Larsson. There's a bunch of other talented people. But like it's mostly those two that I listen to. More Kim than Zara but Kim just release an album so. Hehehe.

I hope that everyone will have a great Saturday and a great weekend! Much love from little me.

your writer, Erika


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