Too Hot For You

Hi guys! Today has been a hot day. A very hot day in Stockholm. Almost too hot. Yeah. It's been like 31°C. How has the weather been wherever you live in this big world that we live in. Iy has really been to hot to do anything. I have been home all day with the dog while my mom was helping out at some dog show (it was too hot to bring the dogs, that's why I got to spend the day with them but it was all my pleasure). I did practice my monologue to so that will be up tomorrow (I hope that I didn't say that I would post it today)! Tomorrow, yeah finally. I also baked some bread today and put away some old clothes that I have in my closet. I mean like I barely never use them and, like I don't ned them anymore. Yeah I like them but I don't use them so I am going to give them away to charity.

It's supposedly doing to be cloudy with some thunder tomorrow. According to the weather app anyway. That's how I interpret the little cloud with a lightning flash in it. But it's still going to be around 29°C. Hmm. Well at least it's going to rain. We do definitely need it after the heat wave that we have been having.

Well, I am going to post my monologue for you all tomorrow and yep. Yeah I am going to start geeking down on Nashville. Hehehe.

your writer, Erika


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