Hi guys. Hahaha so no monologue tonight, that being said I won't promise you a monologue for tomorrow because I am not sure if I will post one. LOL. I feel like this is bad. I am watching way to much Scandal. It's taking over my life thinking maybe I should get into politics or maybe go to law school. Ha, no. Though I could do just for the prestige of it, just to have that piece of paper that says I have a law degree. That's the same reason I want a PhD. LOL. Just for the prestige but deep down that it's not what I want. And I think that I probably get bored pretty quickly. Eh, or maybe not. Whatever I can just pursue that in 10 years when I have won a few Academy Awards (LOL hahahaha).

I'll probably post my monologue with in the next few days, when I am done watching Scandal. I am just going to finish watching season two because I have already seen season three (that's when I started watching the show). LOL. When I am done with that, tomorrow or on Thursday I will post my monologue. LOL. After I am done with Scandal I am going to catch up on Nashville from season one. So probably won't hear much from me then either. Well, I am a Scandal addict and I am here now. Seriously, I had HIH which was all about that and I updated that blog 20 times a day. It was my life. Hahahah, some TV show won't get me away from you. This is what I do.

your writer, Erika


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