Hi guys. Okay so no monologue today. I am sorry but Scandal has more or less taken over my life since yesterday. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT. Hahahaha. I never used to watching Scandal, I always used to scrunch my nose at the sound of the title and the TV spots. Then there was this recap thing about the show on TV and I was like "Damn! This show seems pretty interesting! I gotta watch the season premiere next week!" And I did, and the I was hooked. So yeah I have only (before yesterday) seen the third season and now I have finished watching the first season and am a few episodes into the second season. Dayum, I can't wait for the season premiere in September. I am going to be glued in front of the TV. I am kind of a nerd when it comes to my TV shows and movies. Always have, always will. Hahahaha.

Oh, yeah so my monologue. Yeah it will be up tomorrow. Promise. I feel like I am a few days over deadline on it. Hahaha. Not that I have an actual deadline but in my head I always have a set time for things to be done. Idk. I will be up sometime tomorrow. I will take time out of my busy schedule of watching Scandal to do this. All seriousness, I feel like I need to step up my game when it comes to this monologue stuff. One thing though, I am kind of not site about this monologue that I am doing tomorrow. I may change it but I kind of feel like it's too late for that. Just because something is hard you can't just quit it. If I want to be an actress, idk but still. I need to develop and then I can't keep on doing the same type of monologues all of the time, right. Hmm anyway in the mean time please subscribe to my youtube channel onenineninethree and follow me on twitter (for just the latest on everything I care about)

your writer, Erika


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