Movie Lover

Hola guys! How are you today? I am good. I went to the movies earlier tonight. I took my mom. Yeah, I am a nice daughter like that. LOL. We went and saw Sex Tape. It's a romcom starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, it's not an actual 90 minute long sex tape. Hahahaha. That'd be perverted if I'd had seen that with my mom. LOL. Though in the movie Cameron and Jason make a three hour long sex tape. 180 minutes. Yup. Hahaha. It's funny.

Tomorrow I am going to post my monologue which I should have had posted last weekend. Like I have nothing to do, just going to be home all days. Watch the dogs bake and yeah, so I have plenty of time to do my monologue. I am not going to start watching Nashville until I have done my monologue. 'Cause I know that if I start watching Nashville I won't be able to stop because it's a pretty damn good show. So monologue first and Nashville second. (Sorry Nashville producers and cast and everyone working on that show! Sorry.)

your writer, Erika


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