Ms Good Girl

Hi guys. Hmmm, there was something I was going to write, it was just a sentence but whatever. I guess it wasn't important enough since I don't remember it. LOL, anyway I have been a good girl today. Why? I went for a walk. LOL. Okay maybe that does not certify me as being a good girl, but like I went for an hour long walk. Plus I walked this trail in the forest where there are many kinda steep ups and downs. LOL. I feel like I got something out of it. Maybe I should mention that the trail is 2,2 km long. That is about 1,4 miles for those of you who don't understand the metric system. Hahahaha.

I am sitting here looking at monologues to do this weekend and I am kind of in-between either Finding Nemo and Freaky Friday. I don't know which one yet but I'll decide tomorrow. Which movie to you think that I should take on? I like them both. LOL.

I am also sitting here researching agencies. Talent/ acting agencies (is there any different between the two? I don't get understand.). LOL. I mean just for fun. Not that I have enough experience or know enough people to get into a big agency. One can dream right. Plus it's aways good to know the industry you want to work in plus know who's out there. I mean like if I would ever want to be signed with any of these agencies I will be prepared because I have been researching them for while.

your writer, Erika


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