Crazy Weather

Hi guys. I am a little bit tired. A little sleepy. But today has been good though. Even considering the weather that we had. Hahaha. No but I had a good day today. This morning I went blueberry picking with my mom. We wanted to do that so that we could make a blueberry pie. It's a little bit more fun picking them yourself then just buying them at the store plus they taste way better than the ones you get at the store (sprayed with you know what chemicals - No thank you!). While we were picking our blueberries I could hear the thunder and when it started dripping rain we decided to go home, we had enough blueberries anyway. And the pie was delicious.

I am glad that we decided to go home when we did because not short after we got home the thunder got even worse and the rain, OMG. That, idek, but dayum, and lightning. It was really bad. Dayum. I filmed some of it. It was CRAZY! It really was. Robin Stjernberg, a swedish singer, was going to perform at Skansen today but since the weather was so bad he had to cancel but he posted on instagram that if would clear up he would have a small meet and greet for the ones the that had stayed even though the resin was pouring down. Awww, I really hope that he had a meet and greet. A lot of malls got flooded. It was insane, I have never seen anything like that in Sweden before. I have seen small floods but not crazy as shit like this.

your writer, Erika


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