Def Jam

Hi mi amigos. I meant to type "hola" and not "hi" but whatever. Hahahah, I guess that "hi" came out as a reflex because I usually say "hi" at the start of every post. Anyway, have you all had a good Friday today? What have you done? Been productive or just laid in the grass and enjoying the sunshine all day?  Hahaha, that is what you should do says like this! (Un)fortunately I had to do laundry this morning, and the my mom and I cleaned the apartment. I also went to the recycling station and did some recycling.

OMG, I forgot to tell you guys about this thing that happened earlier this week. It's totally cool. Maybe not but I kind of fangirled a little bit over. Just let me have my moment OKAY! Def Jaf Recordings official twitter DM me! Whaat just happened?! LOL. Okay so I followed them and they just DM me to thank me, but still. Come on Def Jam! But I can't respond since they don't follow me.

your writer, Erika


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