Still Too Hot

Hi guys! How are y'all today? I am good. Just that It has been freaking hot today. Kind of almost too hot. Hahaha, thought it has been like 31°C today. Yeah it's really hot but it's not too bad. I you stand in direct sunlight it feels like you're gonna pass out. It really does. Just because it has been really hot doesn't mean that I have been sitting inside watching TV like some, like someone who doesn't have a life (though the doesn't have a life part seem to fit my description at times). My mom and I went to the Golf club near where we live and had some fika/ lunch there. It was really nice as a change of place. I have never eaten there before. Not that I remember anyway.

Oh yeah before I leave you guys for the night I just want say something. Hahaha. LOL, that monologue that I have been saying that I am going to post, I am not going to it because, of reason. I have to much on my mind to focus on it. Sorry.

your writer, Erika


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