Just Like In The Movies

So I felt like a girl in one of those American movies today. Like I am wannabe actress and today I worked at this private event party. I looked just like something out of a movie, black pants and a white shirt (which is not white anymore so I will have to bleach it just to be on the safe side). Funny thing when speaking about the "out of a movie" one of the authors of the Swedish book Cirkeln attended the party and she came up to me and told me that she recognized me. When she said that I thought she looked familiar too. Then she told me that she recognized me from the set of Alena because she (and Mats - who she cowrote Cirkeln with) came to visit the set of Alena one time. It was really cool to see her and that she recognized me. It was random but funny and cool. LOL, I am getting recognized from a movie that is not even released yet. Hahahaha. OH, btw check out Alena's imdb page - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3792884/!

I really feel like I need to read Cirkeln and Alena now! Maybe Cirkeln first since the movie comes out in the beginning of next year. (Fun fact: I went to a casting for Cirkeln but obviously I didn't get the part because y'all would have had know about it then.) I can't wait for the first trailer or teaser - just something anyway - of Alena to be released! Gaaaaash! I am excited as hell about the movie! I mean yes being apart of it has played a big part in me being excited about it 'cause I usually don't watch Swedish movies or even get excited about them. But I gotta say that when I say the first teaser for Cirkeln it seemed pretty bad ass!

your writer, Erika


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