Hi guys! OMG I am so sorry for not posting anything this weekend but I have been a little busy plus kind of tired. Plus now I am kind of stressed because I realized yesterday that I am working until the day before Christmas. The day before! That is cray cray. I mean it's not crazy, it's absolutely normal. But it is just that I thought that Christmas was on Thursday and not Wednesday. So I thought that I had a day in-between to get things ready and to shop the last presents. Gasssh! How will I ever get anything done on time!? I haven't even finished decorating yet (WTF is wrong with me! I EFFING LOVE CHRISTMAS!) and I have two presents left to buy. You could say that I am a teeny tiny bit stressed. But I'll manage (I'll have too).

I have discovered this new show on viaplay called Marry Me. It's some new American sitcom starring Casey Wilson and Ken Marino. The show is really fun. The story is about this couple (Wilson and Marino) who have been dating for six years. Now Wilson's character is 32 and she really wants to get married. So she is all frustrated about that Marino has not yet proposed to her. She has this big fit and trashes their close friends and HIS MOM. I have only seen the first four or five episodes but so far so good. Yeah, I do recommend it!

your writer, Erika


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