Shooooo! Hahahaha lol. What is everyone up to at this hour? Me, I am just sitting here watching TV. Oooo I just bought my first Christmas gifts. Yeah! One of the gifts is the present of the year. Like I want this one for myself. So if this person doesn't think this is a cool thing I'm like sorry but we're no longer friends! Hahahaha. Maybe not that harsh but I am going to take it back for myself. LOL.

I went to a museum with Fanny today. It was quite, idk, it was a bunch of painting. Some of them were really beautiful. But like there was this one section with that had a lot of paintings with a lot of faces and I find that a little scary. Like I can't have a painting at home with a face just staring at me. It's freaking creepy! No please! There was this painting of some waves and it was really good. It was like you could actually see the waves crashing and turning or whatever. There was a lot of life in that still picture. It was really cool!

I got called at the museum though. Okay maybe not really called at but like I took a picture with my phone (no flash or anything) of this character on a painting because I thought that he looked like Moises Arias. I know that the common thing usually is that you're not allowed to take pictures at museums (why?) so this woman who worked there came up to me and told me that it wasn't allowed. I apologized. Then later when I was reading a text on the was and on the bottom it said that you could log in to the museum wifi. Of course I took out my phone to do so. Then this woman comes up to me again in like stern voice telling me that I wasn't allowed to take pictures. I said something like "I know. I am not doing that. I am just going to connect to the wifi." The she gave me this sort of bitchy look. Fanny told me that just before she walked up to me the second time she had been looking over my shoulder to see what I was doing.

I just have to show you guys. I saw the most hilarious and cutest pacifier at the museums gift shop. I kind of want to buy it just because of it being to darn funny!

your writer, Erika


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