Hi guys! How are you all this Sunday evening? LOL it's almost midnight here, so I am going to try to finish this fast so that I can go to bed before midnight. Seriously, I have a problem! Need to STOP staying up this late! Gosh. I mean I am 21. I don't know what that means. Yes I am 21, which just kind of stating facts here but Idk what I meant with that "I am 21". Whatever.

OMG! So I just finished watching Super 8. Damn, a lot of freaky things happening in that movie. (Sorry if I am spoiling here for y'all who haven't seen the movie but want to. But seriously though, the movie came out in 2011 so you have had your time to see it!) I do recommend it to all of you who are thinking about seeing it. You will not regret it! It is an action packed thriller that will keep you on the edge of your sofa for 112 minutes (1 h 52 min). There are a few WTF moments! Like in the beginning I was like "WTF is this movie?!" But like in a good way. So you should really see it! OMG there was this one seen where I all of the sudden went like WTF because I recognized David Gallagher from 7th Heaven! I mean I went like that because I didn't know that he was in the movie. There a lot of people that I recognized from different TV shows, so that was really cool. Aaaaah, just watch it people!

Okay, I am going to bed now! Toodilooo :)

your writer, Erik


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