Got Any Plans For New Years?

Hi hi my dear readers! Have you had a good weekend? I have. I mean it's been okay. I haven't done much except for going to Starbucks three days in a row. LOL. Fanny and I have become regulars there now. Hahaha. But it is my fave place for cheap coffee (you gotta know how to order right!), free wifi and hot guys.

So what is everyone doing for New Years? I am not doing anything. Just going to be with my family. I feel like it's the same fucking thing every year. I say to myself that I want to do something fun, be with friends or whatever. Then idk what happened but I end up staying at home with my family. I feel like  am getting to old for this shit and it's not fun anymore. But okay it's not like we are doing just nothing on New Years. We are going to celebrate Christmas since we all couldn't be together on actual Christmas Eve. So I mean yeah, at least I'll be getting something out of it. Hahaha (no I am not that superficial). It'll be fun and now I have decided on what to wear. Hmm. Yeah (life is good anyway).

your writer, Erika


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