Saturday Night

Hi guys! I feel a little obligated to make post now since I didn't write anything yesterday and i have to head out in a little while. So 1D was here last night. Idk, just feel like that need a little recognition since you know that I am a major Directioner. Oh and by here, I don't mean here as in my house (unfortunately). I mean here as in Stockholm and Sweden. Well, one day maybe I'll get to party with them. It kind of feels like a lot of people went to see the Idol finale just to see 1D, that why it should out. Sorry not sorry, but having 1D preform during the finale kind of saved them (Idol). I seriously do not think that they would have had sold as many tickets if One Direction weren't there.

So what are you all doing tonight? I am going to go and see Horrible Bosses 2 with a friend. I love the first one. LOL Motherfucker Jones!

your writer, Erika


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