A Struggle

Hi everyone! How are you? I am good. I am sorry for neglecting this blog. Two weeks. Gash no one probably never reads this blog anymore. Except for Patricia. Hi Patricia! (P is my friend).

I have to go to work soon but I just thought that I would make a quick post before. LOL. I have the weirdest shift today and it is so boring because it so short. I work from 4 PM to 7 PM. That' s three hours. Like what the fuck!? Ugh! Nah, I mean I like my job and I just prefer to work longer shift because when you have these weird short ones you really can't plan to do anything. Unless they're scheduled earlier during the day. Eh, whatever. I should't really complain. I have a job. I can pay my bills. I can save quite a lot of money each month and I have money over for food and whatever I want to spend it on. I got it okay. I got it more than okay in a way. I should feel more blessed. People have it worse. Yeah yeah. But we all live different lives so what might be a struggle for me might not be a struggle for you. What might be a blessing for me may be a struggle for you. Idk. But I feel like I am allowed to complain about my problems because they're a reality to me.  And you're allowed to complain about your problems because they're a reality to you. We all know different things.

Your writer, Erika


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