The Holidays Season

Hi my folks! Gosh I have just been laying on the couch sleeping all day. Nah, that is not entirely true. I have done laundry, watched a few episodes of Scandal and been productive towards my future. Yeah. Kinda realising that I have some more clothes that needs to be washed. Plus I just realised that the Christmas campaign is almost over! What! No! I mean the Christmas campaign at work. Those red Christmas cups. But the worst thing we'll loose are our red aprons! The red Christmas aprons! Well well. Hopefully we'll get those blue winter cups and just not go back to our boring green/ beige cups. Hmmm.

Christmas is on Thursday. I am glad that I finally figured out what to wear. I bought a dress from Zalando. Since I really don't know what I am doing for New Years I figured that I could wear the same dress then. I mean I won't hang out with the same people. Plus I really don't know what my friends and I are going to do, so it probably won't be that fancy and the I can just wear the same dress again. I mean with different tight and a different hairstyle and different jewellery and of course different shoes. Just different everything. I mean then the outfit won't be exactly the same. But if anyone has any suggestions for a cool New Years Eve party outfit please tell me.

your writer Erika


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