A Little Beauty Secret

Hi! So I just thought that I would tell you about a little beauty thing that I recently started doing to my hair. As you have noticed in pictures that I have posted that my hair is very thick. I mean it's an afro. It's just that I never wear my hear like that. I usually braid it or put it up in a bun (happens very rarely). My hair is also very dry, or it used to be until I started doing this magical thing. Since my hair was so dry I need/ wanted something that would make it more soft. I heard about olive oil as hair mask and I have tried it. So thought why not use it in my hair daily and see what happens? First I googled just to see what the internet had to say about it. The internet had mixed opinions so I decided to try it. My conclusion is that, for me and my hair it has absolutely done wonders. It is way more soft and it has become shiny. I recommend you to try it... unless you have blonde hair. The internet said that your hair might become a little green. Idk, but the internet said so. I just use regular olive oil, the one that I have in my kitchen. I wouldn't recommend you to use any expensive olive oil because that is just a waste of olive oil.

your writer, Erika


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