Winter Fashionista

Hello! I went shopping today before work. Or, yeah I mean there was this scarf that I wanted so I just swung by H&M to see if they still had any. And they did so I bought one. I love it! I need something warmer now the it is winter. My regular orange scarf (which is also from H&M) won't keep my neck warm during the winter. Plus it is too summerish. I saw a really nice scarf a while back at Lindex but when I wanted to buy it it was gone *sad face*. Yeah yeah I know. But now I have this gorgeous thing this winter. Now I just have to get mittens and a had that goes with it. Until then I will keep rocking my regular black mittens. But you know gotta keep it fashionable and represent even though it's winter.

your writer, Erika


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