New Trends

I saw the cutest pumps today so I thought that I would a blog about current fashion trends. Yo. I mean it is just fun to blog about clothes. I just wish that could go and buy everything that I blog about. I also looked at some Michael Kors bags and was surprised by how cheap they were. Okay, I mean they're not cheap I just thought that they would cost a whole lot more.

So black white stripes are huge right now. It is so fresh because it's black and white. So I wanted to show you guys a pair of black and white striped pants from CUBUS or BIKBOK (btw did you know that Mary-Kate and Ashley are going to design for BIKBOK? Scandinavians be ready!) because both store sell those pants but I couldn't find them on either website. Hmmm, sad. But I found this striped dress on H&M's website. The dress is closely so it will you off your body (honey you gotta strut that stuff) and it has a zipper which you can you pull down if you want to show some cleavage (I probably won't because I think that it looks better when the zipper is pulled up.

The second dress I have for you is also from H&M you y'all know that I love H&M. It is military green because that color is totally right right now. I wanted to show you an other military green dress too from H&M but yeah they didn't have on their website. So I just have this dress to show you.

While we are on the military green track on to the pumps that I saw today. They are super cute and super comfy. They are from Lindex and you can get them both in store and online.

your writer, Erika


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