Just For Tonight

Yo, yo! I am so sorry that I didn't blog yesterday but it got late and I had school today. I don't know but I value my sleep. Hehehe. I posted the Justin Bieber video earlier, have you gotten a chance to watch it yet? It's the (beautiful) music for All Around The World feat Ludacris. Watch it 'cause it's really awesome. Before I continue I just want to address or whatever this home Mahomie madness, sorry if you have been bothered by it, it was for a contest for a meet and greet with the Biebs. No I didn't win but I am happy for the two girls who won 'cause I know how much it would have meant to me if I would have won.

Tomorrow, I have an other casting. it's for a couple of fashion shows. I hope that I book at least one show. 'Cause fashion show are really fun. I mean I have more "experience" with fashion shows than with photo shoots. Hopefully I can book something soon. If I know you and like to take pictures and want to do a photo shoot just to practice techniques I can be your model. Hehehe. I need to practice. LOL. Anyway, yeah.

Before we part until tomorrow I prompt you to watch this video of Mattias Andréasson singing Bara för ikväll (Du är så baby). Amazing song!

your writer, Erika


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