Mahomie 4 Life

If you are my friend on facebook or just know me. I just want to please like the official swedish facebook page for Austin Mahone, Austin Mahone - 'Mahomies' Sweden. Like do it now! I mean they have this really sweet contest right now that you absolutely don't want to miss you you're a Belieber. Yep, a Belieber. Listen up now! Like the page and share it for a chance to win tickets, Oh not just any tickets MEET AND GREET tickets to one of Justin Bieber's concerts in Stockholm in two weeks! Yeah, nothing is wrong with your eyes, that's right meet and greet tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert and meet during his April 23rd concert in Stockhom, Sweden! Aaaaah! I am freaking out too! Anyway ever if you can't to the concert like the page anyway for all the exclusive (I assume) Swedish news about Austin Mahone and what goes on in the Swedish Mahomie community. Yeah, you don't want to miss that! Come on like Austin Mahone - 'Mahomies' Sweden for a chance of a lifetime! Come on people!

Here are some ways how I am spreading the Mahomie love:

your writer, Erika


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