You Only Live Once

Seriously! OMG! It is like my life is put on hold, I mean that I procrastinate more than usual because of the Swedish Belibers, Norske Beliebers and Swedish Directioner. Everyone is so freaking hilarious! Depressed? Join them all. Freaking hilarious! LOL. I mean, the Swedish Directioners wants to be shipped and are hating on The Wanted. Norske Beliebers are horny for Justin and the Swedish Beliebers are mad at norwegian (norske) Beliebers for joining "our" group. 'Cause some swedes don't understand norwegian and just think that it's annoying. LOL! I love them all. Freaking funny people! Fan family are the best! I have homework you need to stop posting so that I can concentrate. LOL.

Tomorrow awaits, writing on my stupid essay. OMG! So bored! Don't want to write this shit! I don't have but I don't feel like failing. LOL, like that is avoidable! I have never cared so little. I am like what, whatever. YOLO. I am out. Peace.

your writer, Erika


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