I hung out with my friend Patricia today. We walked along Norr Mälarstrand. It was so nice and beautiful. We sat down at Mälarpaviljongen and sat down on the dock and had a nice fika. It was so really nice. But we were sitting right in the sun so it got really hot.

Patricia said that that was the best cinnamon bun she has ever had

We continued walking and walked to City Hall. It was full of Asian tourists. Stockholm in the summer especially the Old Town is full of Asian tourists and their selfie sticks. It's nice seeing a city full of tourists because they look at the city differently that I do. It gives you perspective. Hahaha, I have to tell you this though! I went on a date with a guy a couple of weeks ago and he told me that he once was attacked by a bunch of Asian tourists who wanted to take his picture and wanted his autograph because they thought that he was Ryan Gosling. He looks nothing like Ryan Gosling. Though he looks a little bit like this other guy that I have dated. He told me that he has heard a lot that he looked like this other guy. They don't know each other though. That whole thing just made me think that I might have a type, hahaha.

/ Dress - H&M / Scarf - Michael Kors / Sunglasses - BIKBOK / Shoes - VAGABOND /

your writer, Erika


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