Working Out At Home

Hello! So I love working out everyday. But I don't go to any gym. I workout at home in my living room. It's cheap and efficient. This way I can workout whenever it fits me and I don't have to think about the gym being open or not or any machines being taken our not. This way I get the exercise that I want. Plus as I said it's cheap because I don't have to pay for any membership. Just my regular rent and internet bill.

Working out at home is not for everone. But it really fits me because I have a lot of space in my livingroom. So why would I go anywhere else? In the summer when the wheather is nice I do like to go for a power walk in the woods. Sometimes I borrow my sisters dog because it's nice to have some company.

When I workout I do follow videos on youtube. I have Apple TV so I just use youtube through that and watch it on my TV. My favorite channel is Fitness Blender. They have a bunch of great videos with different exircises. Both for beginners and pros. Their videos vary in length so if you feel like you only have 15 minutes they do have videos that are 15 minutes long. I think that they might have videos that are shorter than that. But they also have videos that are longer than that. For example they have a video with a workout routine that burns 1 000 calories. That's crazy and I am not even going to try it. Plus I think it's a HIIT routine and I don't like HIIT.

I also do a lot of yoga but then I follow this video from a channel called GymRa. They have bunch of different yoga and pilates videos. Also for beginners and people who are a little bit more experienced.

I have always worked out at home. I did try the gym when I moved back from Cali. That was only because I had bought some cool new sports wear from Victoria's Secret and figured that I actually should use them and start working out. Back then working out to me meant going to the gym. I don't think that I'll ever start working out at the gym again. That's just not me. Maybe if I'll find a class that I want to take then maybe. For now my livingroom fits me perfectly.

Check out Fitness Blender and GymRa on youtube!

So I wanted to make this post to tell you guys that you don't have to go to the gym and use fancy equipment to get a killer exircise. You can workout at home (with no equipment) and still sweat it out pretty hard! There are more ways than one to get a good workout.

your writer, Erika


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