Swedish Health Awards

Hello! First of all, you all know that I am Swedish right? I just blog in english because I always have. I started doing it because I reckoned that I would reach far more people that way. That's what I want to do. Reach as many people as I can.

Okay, so that title of this post, Swedish Health Awards. I thought that I would do a little shameless begging and ask you all to please nominate me and this blog for the Swedish Health Awards. Nominate me in all the categories if you want to but all of them does not apply to the blog. The three categories that I would like you to nominate me in are Årets Inspiratör (Inspirator of the Year), Årets Influencer (Influencer of the Year), Årets Hälsobloggare (Health Blogger of the Year) and Årets Hälsohjälte (Health Hero of the Year).

How to nominate: To get to Swedish Health Awards website click here. Then you scroll down a little bit and see the word "NOMINERA". Under that word there is a form that you need to fill out. Under kategori (category) you choose one of the three categories - Årets Inspiratör (Inspirator of the Year), Årets Influencer (Influencer of the Year) and Årets Hälsobloggare (Health Blog of the Year). Under "Vem eller vad vill du nominera?" (who or what do you want to nominate) you can either write my name, Erika Eklund, or the name of the blog, Erika's World. Under "Webbplats till den/det du vill nominera" (link to who or what you want to nominate) you can just copy and paste in the url for the blog. Under "E-post till den/det nominerade" (e-mail adress to who or what you want to nominate) you write down my e-mail address which is eriikaworld@gmail.com. Under "Motivering" (motivation for nomination) you write down why you want me to be nominated. You can just write that you like me and the blog if you can't come up with anything. When you are done filling out the form you just click on the little button that says "Nominera".

I would very much appreciate this and it would mean a whole lot of you would nominate me. I think there is no limit for how many times you can nominate someone or something so nominate me and the blog several times a day. Thank you!

your writer, Erika


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