3 Tips For Eating Healthy

Some people think that eating healthy is actually a hassle, too much of a hassle to actually bother doing it. That's so not true! Eating healthy is not any more of a hassle than not eating healthy. It's just as easy doing both. The only thing is that you either choose you eat healthy or unhealthy. It's a choice, where both options are just as easy to make just that healthy foods will save your life in the end.

Below I have written down some helpful tips for eating more healthy foods!

1. PREPARATION.  It can be just as easy that you once a week cook a bunch of healthy dishes and put them in your freezer. Then when you're hungry you just take one and pop them in the oven or the microwave. When you do this you can also get portion control. Divide your food in equal sized containers. That way you won't over eat. Preparation is also great because (at least for me) some nights I don't really feel like cooking but I still want to eat a real and healthy meal instead of just a sandwich. If I have prepared meals I can just heat one up instead of having to cook.

2. PLAN AHEAD. Make a schedule for the coming week or month and plan what your are going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and stick to that schedule. That way you won't grab something from a fast food restaurant because it was easier to think of that than coming up with something healthy to cook.

3. COOK YOUR FOOD FROM SCRATCH. It's always way better to cook your food from scratch. Prepared meals that you can buy in grocery stores are usually full of artificial ingredients. When you cook your own food from scratch you can control what goes in your food. You can really make sure that you use real ingredients.

your writer, Erika


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