First World Problems

OMG! So I want to buy a domain name but apparently is taken. Like WTAF?! But when I enter that domain name into google there is no site. So someone is just sitting there with it. I don't know what to do about that. What can I use as a domain instead?

Second I am on the hunt for a great oil free moisturiser with SPF. Everything is so damn expensive. Okay it's more that the one that I used buy costs like 10 dollars. So you can imagine that I kind of cringe when I see something that costs 50 dollars and more. Yeah. I was really happy with the one that I used before but the only problem was that it didn't have any SPF. I have just heard from everywhere that SPF is great for protecting your face. It used Neutrogena before and now I see on their website that they actually have an oil free SPF moisturiser. The only problem is that they don't ship to Sweden. But if they did with the international shipping plus tax it would probably add up to over 50 dollars anyway.

So know I am sitting here kind of bummed. I need to get over myself thought cause there are worse things going on in this world. But still I am entitled to my own feelings and feeling the way that I do. Argh, I need to move on with this day now and take care of some things that I should have done yesterday.

your writer, Erika


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