Pregnancy Cravings

Hello everyone! I'm just sitting on the couch watching Hart of Dixie. Quite a nice chill day. I was at Sollentunavallen earlier for a little promptu photo shoot. We got some really cool shots but the i started to rain. It's nice to shit here on the couch now and just chilling.

So I was having a small argument with a friend earlier. She said that she really wants sushi because she is having such a craving for it. So I jokingly asked her if she was pregnant. She told me that you can't have sushi if you're pregnant. So I hit her back with facts because she didn't want to listen to me first. The truth is that you can actually eat sushi while you're pregnant. You just have to make sure that the fish has been frozen first so that the bacteria is dead. Well. I hope that this settles it. Have a nice evening everyone!

your writer, Erika


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