Hello! OMG this evening has been so crazy! I was in the city walking around and having a good time with my friend Patricia. She has just come home from a trip in Turkey. I wish that I get to go there some day. Seems like such a beautiful country. Patricia told me all about her trip and it sounded amazing.

When I got home I thought that I would do some yoga and clean my apartment before my food delivery got here and afterwards have some time to go to ÖoB and buy a face mask. Then I got a text from MatHem saying that they'll be 45 minutes late. So then I had to rush to ÖoB to make it before they closed. I got there in time but they didn't have what I wanted. So I got really annoyed.

I am so stressed right now! I wish that tomorrow was going to be calm but I have a photoshoot and before that I would like to squeeze in yoga session. It will be fine.

your writer, Erika


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