4 Steps For Becoming a More Positive Person

I would say that positivity is a big part of who I am. Whenever people ask me to describe myself I always describe myself as a positive person. I always have a positive outlook on things. Why should things go right for you if you always have a negative outlook? I have learned in life that if you have a positive outlook things will go your way. We only have one life to live so why waste it on bad energy?

Today I thought that I would give you five tips to become more positive. The are actually things that I do to keep smiling everyday and never let things get me down.

1. Surround yourself with beautiful things/ things that inspire you. I don't know how much I have mentioned this before but I don't like my apartment and I wished that I lived somewhere else (preferably in the city). Me having to live here puts me in a constant bad mood (but I still manage to stay positive). This spring I had really had enough of it. I couldn't walk around in my own home and not liking what was around me. That's not good. So I decided to do a little mini-renovation. I repainted my kitchen table and the chairs, bought new curtains for the living room and the kitchen, I bought new table cloths for the kitchen table and I also bought a bunch of new things for the bathroom to make it more pretty and positive. By doing this I felt more happy and more inspired to not give up on my apartment. Beautiful things are always going to inspire you and make your more positive so make sure that you surround yourself with them.

The dining area in my kitchen (though I always sit in my living room and eat all my meals infront of the TV)

An orchid that I have in my kitchen window

2. Surround yourself with people who motivate and inspire you. If your friends and family don't inspire or motivate you, then what are you doing hanging out with them? All of those instagram and pintrest posts that say to cut toxic people out of your life are preaching truth. You don't need and especially don't deserve negativity in your life. You yourself may not be a negative person but hanging out with people who are is not going to have a good impact on you. Do yourself a favour and cut them loose and it will feel like a weight has been lifted of your shoulders.

3. Listen to music that gets you excited/ make you happy. We all have a favorite artist or a song that always gets us pumped no matter what. I like that the first song that I listen to in the morning is a song that I am totally obsessed with and gets me super excited. It set the tone for the whole day.

From my friend Patricia's 23rd birthday party

4. Smile. Whenever I am crying uncontrollably (rarely happens) I just look in the mirror and smile. It actually helps. I often look in the mirror and smile for no reason at all. Smiling makes me happy and that's what I am trying to achieve. Why just not smile at for no reason at all then if it make me happy? I promise you that you will start smiling because it is so weird.

If you have any other tips for becoming a more positive person please share your tips in the comment section! Have a nice day you all!

your writer, Erika


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