Go Outside and Get It Done

So it is summer but it doesn't feel like it because of grey clouds. No. I want sunshine and heat. Well well, according to the weather app we will have sunshine and round 20 degrees tomorrow and on Thursday. I am going to make the most of it then and meet up with some friends.

Okay yes we have a grey sky today but at least we don't have snow and a temperature below 0. Thank God for that! When we have days with good weather we need to make the most of it of outside and have some fun. Sunshine is good for us because we get vitamin D from the sun and we all know how good fresh air feels.

Summer is a great time to workout outside. You will benefit so much from working out outside. Other than getting a workout in you will get some fresh air and that vitamin D. If you are used to working out at the gym with weights or maybe you're like me and workout at home by following youtube videos it might be a little hard knowing what do to when you don't have your usual gadgets. That is why I am here today to help you tell you about some great activities that you can do outdoors.

I feel like cardio is the most obvious exercise that you can get outdoors. You can either go running, or maybe you're into something low impact and then you can just go for a long walk. I hate outdoor running! I hate it because I feel like it's hard to keep the same tempo and when I feel like I can't go on any more it's easier for me to stop. If I am on a treadmill I put in the speed so that I am always running at the same pace. I just prefer running on a treadmill over running outdoors. Other cardio activities that you can do is swimming and basketball. Also running up and down hills and stairs is a great cardio workout and a great leg workout!

If you prefer the gym there are actually places where you can go to an outdoor gym and it's FREE. Around Stockholm there are plenty of free outdoor gyms. That way you can still the same kind of workout that you need, only you also benefit from being outdoors. Click here to see where the closest one to you is located. The case might actually be that you don't live in Stockholm so that link will not help you at all. What you can do then it just google your city + outdoor gym and a bunch of results will pop up!

So for your next workout go outside and get it done. Have a nice day!

your writer, Erika


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