The Mighty Powerful Vagina

Today I thought that I would choose a topic (okay maybe not for the entire day but for this post) that is something that we really don't talk about. Something that we are shy away from, the vagina. That needs to change. We need to change this. Half of the population on this earth has one so why is this topic so taboo? I mean it is 2017 and it is changing, but slowly. So I thought that I would contribute to the vagina discussion by making an entire post about how to keep your vagina tip top aka healthy AF.

I have done some digging and a lot research to find out how to maintain a healthy vagina. (Psst! It's easier than you think!)

UNDERWEAR SELECTION. Did you know that certain fabrics are actually better for your vagina? Y-E-S! Cotton fabrics are better for your vagina. That is why a lot of underwear have a thin cotton strip in the crotch. Why is cotton better for your vagina? Well, it breathes and absorbs moisture. Side note: when you're at home go commando! Your vagina will love that that you're letting it breath by airing things out.

YOGHURT. Eating yoghurt with live yogurt culture everyday will boost good bacteria. That in re-turn will prevent i.e. yeast infections.

CANBERRIES. Cranberries are great for vaginal health because it helps to maintain a normal PH-level. The acidic in cranberries helps fight vaginal infections, UTI's and a lot of other problems.

GO AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR. It is very important to go and see your doctor. Even if you don't have any problems down there it is a good idea to to and see your doctor. Use the time to bring up any questions that you have about sex, your vagina and fertility. You have an expert at your hands so why not take advantage of that?! Questions like these are just as important as checking that everything is physically okay with your vagina. I promise you that your doctor won't think that you are weird or annoying for asking questions. I always say that it's better to ask a lot of questions than a few.

your writer, Erika


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