My Relationship With Makeup

Hello! So I was originally going to post something else today but I changed my mind. But I'll probably post that other thing later today or tomorrow. It's going up on the blog so don't worry.

Okay so I would say that I am a simple girl when it comes to makeup. Believe me, I love makeup and think that it's super gorgeous when people do dramatic eyes. I wish that I could do that and I wish I looked like the women on the red carpet. Also no I don't. I hate it whenever I am doing a TV show or a movie or whatever and they put like tons of makeup on my face. I always end up looking great so it's not that. I just don't like how it feels on my face plus I don't feel like that's me. I like it but also I don't. The most dramatic thing that I do when it come to makeup is to try and do a winged eyeliner just to spice up my regular mascara and lipgloss look. That's it.

This is from a few years ago when I was on a Swedish TV show called "Partaj"

It was a halloween special that's why I look like I do

I used to wear a lot of eyeshadow. I loved it! The truth is that I really didn't start to use makeup until I was 18. Sure, I mean of course I used makeup before that but when I turned 18 is when it became a thing in my life. Eye makeup was my thing. That's what I focused on. I have always loved lipgloss. I recently threw away some old lipgloss that I have had way to long. Now, I like to keep it simple. Just mascara and some lipgloss.

From a fashion show that I did a couple of years ago

I actually when I did my makeup this morning I did the whole package. I felt like I wanted to be different today and do my eyes. I liked it but also (as I said) it didn't feel like me so I just washed it off. Plus it wasn't perfection. In the end how you feel about yourself is what really matters.

How I first did my makeup this morning

This is how I usually do my makeup - I use Benefits Roller Lash mascara and Oliv deep red lipgloss.

your writer, Erika


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