Sleepy Head

Yesterday when I got home from my photoshoot I had this terrible headache. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I wanted to work so bad but my head wasn't with me. I decided to take the night off. It's great being your own boss because you can do stuff like that the. Taking the day off if you need to rest or because you're just not in it. I am always in it but my head wasn't last night. I think that I might be over worked from the past few weeks. Who knows really? Being a blogger is though that's for sure anyway.

I think that it was just that I needed some sleep because when I woke up this morning I felt much better and well rested. I went to bed earlier last night just because my head wasn't in it. Okay mostly because I was laying in bed watching a movie and I fell asleep and missed like 20 minutes. When I woke up I felt like there was no point in continuing watching the movie. I have seen that movie several times before anyway.

Dreamy location from last night's photo shoot :)

Sleep is so important! I think that so many people under estimate how much sleep that really need to function. They rely on coffee or drugs to keep the awake and going through the day. Though it might be a short term solution, in the long run your body is really going to be affected if you don't get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep is really dangerous! I am serious. It has been linked to depression, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Being sleep deprived will dumb you down! Since you don't get the rest that your body needs to function normal you will have slower reaction time, harder to remember things, make more mistakes and take long time to finish tasks.

So do yourself a favor a get some sleep!

your writer, Erika


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