Hi guys! I just thought that I would post something here since I haven't written anything here for a while. I have just been busy. You know, life. I have just been working a lot, and working out, and partying and stuff. Life, ya know. LOL. No but I am totally fine. I went out last week with Fannylicous and Rebecka. I never go out but Fanny was really persistent so I was like okay. I had a good time because I spent it with my friends but the place we went to was totally lame. Just lame. Nope, never again unless I get some VIP treatment. No but it was fun tough. A promoter for the club to a lot of pictures of us and put us up on stage which was fun. It's fun to feel special sometimes.

How are you all? Good. Okay nice. There has been a lot of great new music releases lately. One Direction, Justin Bieber, Pia Mia, Ariana Grande. OMG! Yes I love new music from artists that like to listen to. But I got to say that I am most excited about Justin new music. I mean the dude hasn't released an album in a really long time. A LONG TIME!  I'd love an album from Pia. That'd be cool since the woman has the voice of an angel!

your writer, Erika Eklund


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