Caving In

Hi everyone! I thought that I had to update this blog before it dies. LOL. No it won't die but I have just been working and been busy. I mean yeah I have had some free time the last few days but I have been busy with friends. OOOOh, I bought sheets the other day. LOL, that is so interesting OMG (you love reading about this right, me buying new sheets... interesting). No but I feel like a grown up because I bought sheets. Idk it just seems like an adult thing to do. Maybe it's just me. Or like a thing you do when you go off to college. Yeah, maybe it's your parents buying them for you then. Idk, I feel like an adult and yeah that's that.

Oh, a friend and I went and saw the new Maze Runner movie today. I wanted to see Straight Out Of Compton but she was all like "Oooh, Maze Runner!" and just kept on begging me. So I caved. Eh, whatever. It was good. Much better than the first one. I have a good memory watching the first one. A wonderful memory. But yeah this one was good and I think that I want to see the third one now. I mean since this one was actually good. I would never have seen this one if it wasn't for my friend. And Dylan O'Brien. His hotness kind of convinced me too. Hihihihi.

your writer, Erika


  1. hahah loved the movie men idag såg vi SOOC woop woop gotta compromise ;)


    Miss P


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