International Boyfriend Day

Hello everyone! How are you doing? So you know that international boyfriend day is coming up right?! You don't? Well oh let me inform you then. International boyfriend day (yeah it's a real thing) is next Saturday on October 3rd. There is also an international girlfriend day, but that day has already past (it was on August 1st). That's how I found out about the boyfriend day.

So now you're all probably freaking out about what to get or do for your boyfriend on this special occasion. But no need to worry! That is why I am here. I am your saviour in this situation. So what am I thinking? What is my solution? Well, what about underwear! I know that I love some underwear for the international girlfriend day (well, Christmas, my name day, Valentins Day AND my birthday comes before that). Underwear is great because everyone needs them, plus the right underwear just makes me feel like superwoman. So I am guess it kind of has to be the same for men. Because when that first layer of clothing fits well and looks good you feel like a fucking rockstar. And who doesn't want to be a rockstar right?!

Anyways' I found these really nice mens underwear from Tommy John. You should really check them out! They have underwear, undershirts, t-shirts and socks. Their style is very clean and simple. They are especially made to fit well to give you that extra confidence boost. Plus they have different types of underwear to fit whatever your wearing for the day.

your writer, Erika



  1. Thank you man, for this great post , its really informative and readable.
    Actually i found the same kinda stuff about National boyfriend day on another site also , so i came across yours site as well.


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