Busy Doing Everything at Once

Hi guys! I just wanted to post something since I don't post as much anymore. But I have been busy. I have school and work and it's all so much. But I do like having both because then my life is not just about one or the other. It's nice having something to breaks of the other (Do you say that in english?). Eh. Right now with school I feel like I am just taking one day at a time. And to actually getting a degree I am taking one semester at a time. Trying to not put so much pressure on everything and not stress. I feel like it's working that way. Yeah. We'll see.

This weekend have been really nice. It's been so nice not having to work the last couple of weeks. I hope that my boss do not schedule me to work weekends in March. I want my weekends free. LOL. Last weekend I was totally stressed about school and said to myself that next weekend I won't do anything. No school, no studying. And what have I been doing. Studying the whole weekend. Hehehe. But I feel proud because I actually got a lot done today. It's also been nice weekend because I just feel like excelled with culinary skills. Like dayum! I should really be a chef but that is not what I want to do with my life. Hehehe. I like cooking, it's nice and it's fun. I especially love cooking for other people. It's way more fun to make a really good dish and then share it with someone other than just make something good for yourself. It's always nice to eat good food, but it's more fun to share it with someone.

your writer, Erika


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