Back For You

Hi guys! I am sorry for being so absent but I have had no internet plus I have been working a ton. And when I get home from work at around 11 pm I do not feel like posting anything here. Sorry for neglecting you guys but now that I have internet again I will get better at this.

So a lot of things has happened since last. Okat maybe not so much but I have ben working a ton and ooooh I went and saw One Direction at Ullevi in Gothenburg this week. LOL, Liam loved that they were playing in Gothenburg because the name of the city resembles Gothem City and everyone knows that Liam is a big Batman fan! I'll tell you more about the concert tomorrow or on Monday when I have transfered/ gone through all the pictures from the concert.

It's been so great to have internet again because I can properly work out now. I usually do yoga but I follow this video on youtube. Even though I know all of the moves it's nice to have the video in the background so you know how to do everything exactly. I have worked out two days in a row now just because I didn't work yesterday and today. So this morning I juts felt like why the hell not again today?! But now the back of my thighs are kind of sore and they feel really stiff like I kind of need to stretch my legs.

Have a good weekend y'all :)

your writer, Erika


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