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Hi guys! I apologise so much for not posting anything for the past two weeks. But I have a legitimate reason for doing so, I have't had any wifi. Yeah, I used all my data before the end of the month last month. The weird thing is though that first it said that I had used all my wifi data but then it said that I hadn't which is like super weird. I mean I could listen to spotify with the crap I had but it wasn't enough for youtube or netflix. You I guess you understand the agony that I have been in. But it is all good now. I am back and I have wifi, the world it set again!

Yeah, since last I have done quiet a lot of stuff. I went and saw Ariana Grande on The Honeymoon Tour and I started my new job at Gröna Lund, which is so much fun because everyone is so nice which makes going to work everyday a pleasure.

But before I tell you anything else I have to tell you all about my The Honeymoon Tour Experience. Especially my outfit, since I have badgered you guys so much about it. (Sorry!) But I am really proud of my outfit and I think that I succeed very well with it so... sorry not sorry!

Okay, the concert. The concert was amazing! It was great that Rixton opened for Ari because I love them as well. My fave song from their debut album is I Like Girls. I think that it's really fun and summerish. Anyway, I love Rixton live! They are really good and Jake is just so much fun. I hope that they go on their own tour soon and stop by in Stockholm. Ari was amazing as well! I really loved how Big Sean, Childish Gambino and Mac Miller showed up on the screen during the song that they were featured in. Sad though that The Weekend didn't do that. But it didn't worsen my experience of The Honeymoon Tour. I loved it. I got a new found love for Break Your Heart Right Back ft. Childish Gambino. The dude kinda cute though.

I met a few people from SWD and SB that I have never met before and some that I have met at the concert. It was so much fun seeing them!

Talking about eating internet friends, at Gröna Lund I meet internet friends all of the time. Mostly they come up to me while I am working and we say a lot and have a quick hug. I mean I have after all a job to do, which is the best because it is so much fun. It is fun because everyone you work with is so nice. I haven't met a single bad or rude person at Gröna Lund. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I have told my friends that if they are going to Grönan they have to tell my so that I can tell them which ride I am working at they day so that they can come and visit me. If you see me, the plea say hello! There was these two guys the other they who recognised me. First I was like whaaaat?! Because one of the guys said "Oh my Gud it's you!" That got me like huh?! I mean yeah I recognised him and his friend but just assumed that I had seen them earlier that day but then he said that he recognised me from the day before. When they went of the ride his friend said "I hope we se each other again." That was sweet and he was cute, but no way too young for me! Like on the illegal level, because they are probably 14, 15 years old.

your writer, Erika


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