On The Road Again

OMG! YES! So the One Direction that I went to next week. One word: AMAZING! It was so good! They're good anytime, any day. Because they are after all 1D. But some songs though, mostly You & I (which is the only one that I can think of at the moment) is not the same without Zayn's high-notes. Liam did a good job though, but it just felt so quiet and weird without it. But but, what can we do. This morning I actually had a moment where I for the first time felt angry and mad at him for leaving the group. Like fuck him, but I still respect his decision and just want him to be happy. And if he felt that leaving the group was the best thing for him then I stand by him with that, but I am still not happy with it. If I really want his high-notes I can watch youtube videos or listen to the album version.

I didn't go alone to the concert and we had great seats. I got a friend to book the tickets for us which made me a little nervous about where we were sitting. When it comes to concert tickets I like to sort that thing out myself. But HEY it all worked out alright in the end.

There was these girls a few rows behind us who scream so loud and hysterically crying during. I am not complaining because I totally understand their emotion even though I might now have had the exact same reaction. It was just so funny to watch them. LOL. They way they screamed they must have had lost their voices.

I loved Harry's little "Oh Yeah!" speech during the concert! It was so cute and the when he continued with the meatball thing. Because you can't forget about the köttbullar! LOL. I love it when they speak Swedish and it's always mostly just about köttbullar. And of course Vi älskar dig. We love them too!

your writer, Erika


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