Hi guys! So it's back to work tomorrow after having two days off. Well well. I actually like my job. It has taught me a lot, which I am very thankful. I haven't done much these two days off. I hung out with my friend Patricia yesterday. She doesn't like when I call her Patricia, but I think her name is beautiful. We had a fika and walked around this beautiful city that we live in. Stockholm is really amazingly beautiful.

I took advantage of the weather today and tanned on my balcony. I need some color, I want a tan! LOL. Summer is almost over and I now kind of am realising this. Idk, I just think that I look pale even though I work outside and stand in the sun all day long. I mean you would think that would be more tanned. Maybe I should stop using sun protection. Idk but I don't dare to do that. I don't want cancer, it is not worth it.

your writer, Erika


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